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Mining Magazine Exploration E-Report - 2021

The inaugural Mining Magazine Intelligence Exploration Report analyses the processes and technologies delivering currently underwhelming discovery rates, alongside recent greenfield and brownfield success stories. The report is divided into three sections: the findings from our first Exploration Survey with commentary and analysis from other leading providers of exploration research; a technology review; and an aggregation of outstanding intercepts, maiden resource publications, and then technical profiles of the 10 most distinguished recent success stories..

 Find out and discover:

  • Will the current lack of geology graduates restrict discovery rates?
  • Has the exploration sector lost touch with the investment community?
  • How can governments secure future investment from explorers?
  • How important are frontier jurisdictions to greenfield success?
  • Will advances in geophysics play a meaningful role in improving discovery rates?


 We built the Mining Magazine Intelligence Exploration Report with a variety of research techniques, along with some borrowed research data. At the centre of much of our analysis is a survey of some 350 industry professionals that we ran from early December until early February. This was a broad-ranging questionnaire tackling issues from culture to technology, which we built in close consultation with research partner, SRK Exploration. We complemented those results with research from leading firms in the exploration space, MinEx Consulting and S&P Global Intelligence. The Technology & Techniques chapter was assembled through third-party media reviews and online conference attendance, while we contacted companies directly responsible for recent discoveries to better understand their exploration approach. Research partner RSC did the heavy lifting on our behalf to deliver the most impressive drill intercepts and maiden resource statements based on their inhouse algorithm.


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